Skintoxicated is a 100% Vegan, natural skin care business certified Cruelty Free

We believe in bringing you the most natural, safe, non toxic product for your skin.

All our products are handmade in small batches and tested on real people, never on animals our products are transitioning to 100% Vegan Plant Based.

We never use animal fats, all our products are vegetable, plant based,

99% palm free and if it is used always sustainably harvested palm.

We choose a lot of organic materials, food grade ingredients and naturally occurring colors as what you put on your skin is absorbed into it and can effect your health. Some of our products are unscented, others scented with essential oils, and phthalate free fragrance oils or natural aroma compounds.

Our packaging philosophy is that if you can take something and recycle it into something new, then do it! We try our hardest to purchase recycled or create recycled products packaging and a lot of our shipping wrap is recycled from our own suppliers, if we can re-use it we will. why throw it away. At this time we are trying to come up with an idea on how to recycle our sugar scrub containers, this is difficult as sanitation and water waste are concern. If you have any ideas let me know.

Taking care of your skin is important to us and enjoying those skin care and bathing routines will not only benefit how you feel physically but mentally it  helps you so you can put your best face forward and face the day.

How I got involved in making Soap & Skincare:

My story starts like many with skin issues, I have always got the weirdest reactions to products and sensitivities to fragrance but it wasn't my quest for help it was problem skin rashes, hives and many dermatologist, allergist visits for my daughter I felt like nothing was going to help, so I took control I began my own researching into product ingredients became obsessive and developed my first handmade soap 100% Olive Oil which was one of my top sellers, this paved my way to Sugar Scrubs and other skin care products. We started at basic and continue to develop items with this principle in mind.