Honest Truth's

Do you test on animals?

No! No! we are certified Cruelty-Free and we have our Bunny Ears Emblem to prove it, one of our first business goals was to obtain certification which is something we believe in totally.

Do you test on humans?

Yes! Yes! all our products are tested on humans only.

Are your products natural? Huh!

Yes! But of course! However everything in nature is a mixture of chemicals we use herbs, butters, organic oils, clay, salt, waxes, mica, (Do you know these are all chemicals) We research and develop products that we feel are appropriate for skincare, ingredients that are proven effective, safe. Natural is not always safe, but it sounds like it is, its a great marketing pitch. Truth.

Do you recycle?

Absolutely we recycle, from shipping packages to offering containers that can be re-purposed into storage jars.

Where do your supplies come from?

We use suppliers that believe in what we do, Cruelty Free, Ethically Sourced and Support Local Small Business.

Are you Nut Free?

No! we use Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Shea, Kukui, Coconut. Please consult your doctor if you have allergies

Where do you sell your products?

We sell locally at Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs, In the past we have sold to Free People. We will update our lists, stockists as we expand.

Where are your products made?

We make all our products in the U.S. in a small workshop in a town North of Boston.

Payment & Shipping info

We accept all credit/debit cards as well as PayPal

Shipping & Postage Cost

We try to get products out within three business days, we keep you updated.

When you checkout select USPS Priority mail we use the calculations for shipping that the post office determines so its actual cost, We are continually trying to come up with better solutions to help with this.

Artisan Soap

Will my soap look like the picture? Not exactly I try my best to represent the picture but artisan products tend to be unique and have slight variations, some imperfections and it's handmade so it is one of a kind, a batch of soap can have swirls, slightly different shades and they all have their own kind of look, similar but different.


All sales are final. Due to the nature of the products I sell we cannot accept returns hygiene, safety, contamination, just make sure you are happy with your purchase.