Artisan Soaps

Definition of an Artisan, Is a skilled crafts-person that creates products by hand usually in small batches and of high quality handcrafted items, made with care and utmost quality. Handmade, Cold-process soap is a science of combining oils and sodium hydroxide (lye) creating a chemical reaction called saponification. Handmade soaps are not like your store soap which a large majority are technically a bunch of detergents that are bound together to look like soap, I have a hard time thinking they can even call that stuff soap. It isn't soap! real soap is crafted with select oils blended to perfection and cured for 3-4wks even months to produce a bar of soap that has wonderful skin loving properties it keeps its glycerin that is a great humectant that moisturizes, feeding your skin and making it soft, supple and even appear younger it's pure simple beauty. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.